Volcano E cigs review

I became a customer of Volcano Electronic Cigarettes by accident. I placed an order with another electronic cigarette manufacturer and became frustrated when they wanted to charge $35 for shipping to Hawaii. I thought that I might be able to save money by dealing with a local company, so I searched for electronic cigarettes in Hawaii. The volcano was the company that came up, and I am incredibly glad because I wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else.

With prices approaching and sometimes exceeding $10 a pack, Hawaii has some of the highest cigarette prices in the country. As soon as I moved here, I decided that it was time to quit. Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly an easy thing for me. I enjoy smoking. I like the taste, the ritual everything but the smell. I’ve tried every stop-smoking product you can name, and because none of them came close to replicating the act of smoking, none of them worked for me.

The Volcano Electronic Cigarette is a device that looks and feels much like a real cigarette. It consists of a battery, an atomizer that heats up when you inhale and turns liquid to vapor, and a cartridge that contains flavored, nicotine-infused liquid. When you draw on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer turns on and creates vapor that you inhale, just like smoke. The difference is that there is no smoke, and nothing is burning.

The Volcano starter kit is a better value than anything else that I’ve been able to find online, and doubly so for those of us in Hawaii because expedited shipping for any Volcano Electronic Cigarette starter kit is free. I purchased the V-Kit Deluxe, which includes an atomizer, two batteries, all of the equipment needed to charge the batteries with a computer or wall outlet, a V-Pack (more on this later), 25 flavor cartridges of your choice and a nicely designed box. All of this costs just $69.99.

Each Volcano E-Cig flavor cartridge is equal to roughly one-half pack of cigarettes regarding nicotine, and you can purchase them in a high-nicotine vape version for heavy smokers and a low-nicotine version for light smokers. Non-smokers or those who have quit can also buy a zero-nicotine version. The flavors include the traditional Tobacco and Menthol, and they also include several more exotic flavors such as Coconut, Chocolate, and Vanilla. In keeping with the fact that Volcano Electronic Cigarettes is a Hawaiian company, many of the flavors have Hawaiian-themed names.

The one thing any prospective electronic cigarette user wants to know before beginning is whether the e-cig is going to taste like their favorite Camel. I’m going to tell you up front it doesn’t. The Tobacco flavor is slightly reminiscent of actual tobacco, and the Menthol flavor while it does contain real menthol tastes like mint. However, the feeling in the lungs and throat is authentic. I was a menthol smoker, and the Volcano Menthol flavor has become my go-to. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t smoke menthols. Of the other flavors, I like Pineapple Punch and Cherry Lava.

The service at Volcano Electronic Cigarettes is top-notch. In the several months that I have been a customer, Volcano has never failed to mail a product within 24 hours of an order, and because I live in Hawaii, I have the product the next day imperative for someone who is quitting smoking and might switch back to regular cigarettes without a steady supply of flavor cartridges.

Volcano e-cigs starting at $39.99.The flavor cartridges, by the way, are the best part of using a Volcano E-Cig. If you buy ten packs of cartridges that 50 rounds in all it costs just $2.99 per pack, or about $35 total with Priority Mail shipping (shipping is free for orders of at least $50). If you buy between five and nine packs, they’re $3.49 each, and if you buy less than four, they’re $3.99 each. So, when you buy in quantity, the savings are significant. As stated above, one cartridge is roughly equal to one-half pack of cigarettes, so you can expect ten packs to last quite a long time.
The V-Pack is another fun feature of the Volcano E-Cig package. This sturdy plastic pack is shaped just like a real cigarette pack, and it has space inside for a fully assembled electronic cigarette, a spare battery and five flavor cartridges. The V-Pack has an internal rechargeable battery that you can use to charge a dead e-cig battery around four times. A display on the front of the V-Pack shows the current charge level of the battery, and a LED on the bottom of the pack serves as a flashlight in a pinch.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Volcano Electronic Cigarette. Between the price of cigarettes in Hawaii spiraling out of control, and the fact that it is illegal to smoke practically everywhere here, Volcano has carved out a nice niche for those looking to satisfy their nicotine cravings without tobacco


  • Products for both beginners and advanced users
  • E-cig devices are high quality
  • Variable voltage option on Lavatube
  • Revamped Magma/Volcano combo to fix issues
  • Nice e-liquid selection
  • USA-made e-liquids
  • Excellent customer service


  • No variable voltage option on Inferno
  • Magma gets hot during use
  • V-kit cartridges fail to perform


Packaging & Design - 4
Flavor - 4
Vapor Production - 3
Battery - 4

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