Vaporizers a Healthy Alternative

Vaporizers a Healthy Alternative


This page is about Vaporizers and contains health information, vaporizer reviews, news and much much more. My desire is to help educate the community on the benefits of vaporizers over traditional smoking and help those interested find the right vaporizer to help them on there journey. In Many cases, vaporizers are used to treat illnesses and comfort patience with herbal remedies and aromatherapy. There are many uses for vaporizers, and we look to explore them all.

What is a vaporizer

Vaporizers have been around for quite a while and are improving everyday. Many people have questions like “What is a Vaporizer?” I would like to help answer this question in the following post.

A vaporizer is a device that is used to create a vapor from herbs for aromatherapy and medical use. Now remember, we are talking about herbal vaporizers here, not the Vick’s vaporizer your mother used 🙂

There are many different types of vaporizer including portable vaporizers, desk top vaporizers, butane powered vaporizer and even electric powered vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are among the most popular these days due to convenience of size and as you would guess portability. I will get into a break down of each vaporizer classification at a later date.

Portable Vaporizers

Types of Portable Vaporizers

I thought I would start with a new post on portable vaporizers as they are the most popular right now. below are examples of the different types of portable vaporizers.

Butane Powered

A butane powered portable vaporizer is powered by butane. An example of this type of vaporizer would be the Iolite Wispr as seen in the picture. While this sounds like it would not be an efficient way to vaporizer herbs, it actually is. This type of vaporizer is actually the least popular as most people do not wish to mess with refilling butane and the added cost that is associated with it. however a plus would be that you are never in need of a power-supply to use this type of vaporizer. However another down side to this type of vaporizer is the lack of a temperature controller.

Battery Powered

A battery powered portable vaporizer is just as is sounds, operated by a rechargeable battery. With most units, you simply plug an adapter into the vaporizer and out to a standard wall outlet, however other units like the Magic Flight Launch Box you would need to remover the battery, place it in a charging cradle and then plug into a power source. The advantage of a battery powered vaporizer is that there is no added cost like with butane, however depending on the unit you choose you may be charging more then you are using. The Arizer Solo and a few other portable vaporizers have a rather large charge time that can last as long as 4hrs of continuos use, pretty impressive.

Vaporizer Demonstration Video

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Video

This a video demo for an Arizer Solo portable vaporizer, as it is one of the most popular vaporizers, I figured I would use it to show the community how a vaporizer works. Let me know if you guys would like to see more vaporizer videos.

Desk Top Vaporizers-The Original Vaporizer

Volcano VaporizerA desk top vaporizer is a unit that plugs straight into the wall, is usually larger and sits on a coffee table or desktop. An example of a desktop vaporizer would be the Volcano vaporizer (pictured below) which was very popular over the last decade and continues to be the vaporizer which all others are judged.

Desk top vaporizers can be forced air, which means a fan is forcing the vapor out to the user, or draw based relying on the inhale of the user. A forced air vaporizer can be used in two different ways, by either forcing the air into a bag system, or by attaching a whip to draw from. Many people prefer a desktop vaporizer simply for bag system use which is also convenient when sharing with friends. With a desktop vaporizer there is no need to worry about batteries or butane, you simply plug them into the wall and they are ready to use after a short heat up time.

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