Vapor Genie Review

Vapor Genie Review

Popeye would be proud of the Vapor Genie vaporizer. This vape reminds me of the cartoon character’s pipe. It is simple and inexpensive, which is the opposite of many portable vaporizers on the market. To help you, I want to provide a Vapor Genie review.

The Vapor Genie is highly affordable — even cash strapped-college kids can afford the $65 MSRP price tag. And it is simple: There’s no electronic gizmos or batteries needed to get you vaping.

This unit is a great choice if you aren’t looking to break the bank or rely on batteries or electricity. This also means that it is durable.

This portable vaporizer comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, making it even more practical and economical. The warranty support is provided via the Vapor Genie website.

What’s in the box?

  • Vapor Genie Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. Vapor Genie Classic Portable Vaporizer Base
  • 1 pc. Vapor Genie Black Tip (Removable)
  • 1 pc. VaporGenie Top with Carbide Heating Stoned
  • MSRP: $65 USD
  • 5 x 1 x 2 inches
  • 4 oz.

Vapor Genie Construction

The VaporGenie is a portable, flame-powered vaporizer shaped like a conventional pipe.

A lighter or wick powers this vaporizer. (I recommend using a long-necked barbecue lighters, though.)

Like any other portable vaporizer, the VaporGenie heats up your dry herbs to the point of vaporization and not combustion (your material heats up just enough to release essential essences, but not hot enough to combust or smoke).

The VaporGenie is, however, unique from other vaporizers because of the flame used to heat up the air.

This pipe is essentially a two-part design.

The upper bowl holds a silicon carbide flame filter composed of a high purity silicon carbide. It unscrews from the rest of the pipe to reveal the material chamber.

The Vapor Genie is manufactured using solid oak wood, which is intricately sanded and then sealed.

The wood is sealed by natural shellac to showcase pretty wood grain patterns for a beautiful, nice finish. This makes the product exude a stylish look and a conventional pipe appearance.

The Vapor Genie is made without adhesives or toxic chemicals.

The VaporGenie’s ceramic filter is composed of a high-purity silicon carbide. This substance is known to be one of the most heat resistant chemicals available.

This type of ceramic contains no metals, which ensures a clean taste and vapor. It’s also very rugged and sturdy, and hardly ever needs replacing. Any metal parts of the VaporGenie are either stainless steel or chrome plated. The unit’s screen and bowl/dish are both stainless steel.

Though the materials used to construct the VaporGenie are structurally sound, its probably the wide array of attractively-hued finishes that makes this vaporizer stand out.

I like this unit because it has a classic feel, with either the oak or walnut finish.

For those who like vibrance, choose the bright yellow, red, green, peacock-teal, purple, or jet-black colors.

Its ribbed structure also makes the VaporGenie easy to hold, handle and pass around.

What does the VaporGenie classic pipe offer

The Vapor Genie is one of the most affordable vaporizer on the market, but the low cost or bright colors aren’t only things that lures users into buying and using the vaporizer. There are many other distinct and outstanding features.

The ceramic filter makes efficient transferring of heat from the lighter to the blend of tobacco or herbs. This filter lasts a long time, if properly used.

While some of the other (and more expensive) vaporizers can have many buttons, switches and LED lights due to their electrical nature, the VaporGenie is extremely straightforward.

In fact, it is considered the beginners’ favorite in the Vaporizing world because it is logical to use, like any traditional pipe.

Vapor Genie is safely designed to heat product/blends gently, yet effectively.

This is so the active ingredients, flavor, and aromatic compounds are released purely through vapor.

Because of its built-in regulating heating system, its users don’t need to fret about over-burning blends.

Over-burning blends is known to release tar and other harmful compounds that could cause burning throat, coughing, allergies, and some long-term health hazards – so its very assuring the VaporGenie is built specifically to not do this!

Pros and cons of the Vapor Genie Vaporizer

The two most highly praised aspects of the Vapor Genie are its affordability and ease of use.

The VaporGenie can be hundreds of dollars less expensive than other vaporizers.

This makes sense because the VaporGenie isn’t an electronic device, but a classic pipe.

Instead of buttons to figure out, steps to read from a lengthy instruction manual, or needing an electrical outlet, you can get vaping with the VaporGenie with logic and a lighter!

What makes it a little different than a pipe is you cannot see the contents of the bowl, as they are closed off.

One drawback is that you must continually unscrew the bowl and reattach the upper section to check on the blend while in use. This can be a little frustrating during use, but the fact that is it closed off help keep emissions odorless and sustain the blends’ flavor.

Also, because of its pipe shape, it may not be as discreet as some of its vaporizer counterparts. This can make it a challenge to whip out in the street, if that’s your intended vaping place.

Another cons of this unit is that it is slightly tougher transporting, as the shape is angular, making it not super suitable for pants-pocket traveling.

No worries if you have a bag to carry it in (or bulky pants!). It is still small and compact, just not quite able to discreetly slip into the back pocket of skinny jeans.

Yet, because the heat can be sourced from a match, and not an electric outlet, users were able to travel more remotely with the VaporGenie.

All in all, its versatility, affordability, attractive coloring and finish, and ease of use make the VaporGenie worth checking out, especially for first-time, new vaporizer users.


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