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Vaping Takes Off: 10% of U.S. Adults Now Vape

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Vaping Takes Off: 10% of U.S. Adults Now Vape

Last week we reported the rise of vaping in the U.K. and the growing number of smokers who have made the switch to vapor from tobacco. Today we are excited to report a major milestone for vaping in the United States has been achieved:

A new poll conducted by reuters has concluded that 10% of all American adults now vape, that number is 15% for U.S. adults under the age of 40.

More importantly, As TIME magazine reported today, 70% of the participants surveyed report having started vaping just in the past year.

To put this milestone in perspective, as recently as 2013 a similar survey found only 2.6% of American adults were using vapor products. Now roughly one in ten adults vape, and smoking has declined to just under 19%.

This news arrives at a time when anti vaping propaganda has never been higher. The vape industry is facing opposition from multiple government agencies, along with the media. But, the numbers don`t lie, even with millions of tax dollars poured into propaganda vaping continues to rise and the industry continues to grow.

While this is a cause for celebration, its not time to pop open the champagne flavored e-liquid just yet. The industry and community still face a number of major challenges, and a hurdles up ahead. In addition, much larger battles await with looming fda regulations and state laws.

Also the same survey found roughly 75% of people who have switched to vaping still continue to fall off the wagon and use tobacco. Meaning we still have to increase support and guidance for new vapers to permanently kick the smoking habit.

With these recent statistics, its safe to say we have reached escape velocity. Vaping is the future, this milestone solidifies our lift off and rise as an industry. The unfounded lies by government health agencies, and the redundant broken record whining about underage usage by anti vaping alarmists is not halting our progress. The time is now to become more unified as a community, and better organized as an industry as vaping continues to grow worldwide

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