Quit Smoking with Vaping – 4 ways

Quit Smoking with Vaping – 4 ways

The vapor revolution is growing, every day across the world people are throwing away their packs and making the switch to vaping.

Throughout human history all the worlds’ cultures have done two things regardless of geography. The first is to drink some kind of alcoholic beverage, and the second is to smoke something.

For decades smoking was common and accepted; in fact there was a time where smoking was emphasized for health benefits!


Now of course we know just how dangerous smoking is.

Nobody that smokes does so believing its safe or healthy, it’s a terrible addiction and a struggle to quit. Before your options were limited, either you have the will power to go cold turkey, or you could use nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.

The technology of vaping allows us to replicate the same experience that humans have enjoyed for millennium, if not even more enhanced due to the wide variety of flavors.

But making the switch is difficult; changing any habit in life requires motivation and perseverance. We naturally become attached to our comfort zones. Especially so when it involves an addictive habit like smoking.

But the road to fully getting over the addiction of smoking is never easy. Here are 4 tips on how to help you start your journey to a smoke free life.

1. Public Commitment:


Changing any habit starts with a decision. A decision to make a change and committing to that course of action. Simply buying a vape starter kit isn’t enough, you have to mentally make a commitment that you will once and for all quit smoking.

By making a public commitment you are telling the world that enough is enough. This will also help others help you, but giving you the love and support you need. You will feel great when you can tell others that you are cigarette free.

2. Consistency:


As they say, Practice makes perfect. The most crucial key to breaking your habit is reconditioning. You have to replace the habit of reaching for your pack of smokes, with reaching for your vape.

Its encouraged you vape as much as you can when you are first starting out. This will train you to start associating the urge to smoke, with the urge to vape. The nicotine that your vape delivers will satisfy your cravings, but you have to consistently train yourself with it.

3. Patience:


Making a change is hard. Being out of our comfort zones is difficult. To break out of and it and create a new normal takes time. Switching to vaping is not a temporary thing, it’s literally a change in lifestyle.

If you fall off the wagon, don`t worry everyone does. Even if you realize how disgusting cigarettes taste, you’re still going to crave it, that’s why it’s an addiction.

Be patient, your making a change for life, don`t get too hard on yourself if you slip and light up a smoke. Just make sure you get back on track afterwards and stay persistent! we at vapeaboutit.com are rooting for you!

4. The right product and knowledge


The single most overlooked factor in why people go back to smoking when they try vaping is due to the vaping learning curve.

You just have to light up a cigarette and puff, with vaping you have to fill the tank, change coils, charge the battery etc. It may seem tedious at first, but don`t worry you`ll get used to it.

What matters is that you`re taking the time to fully learn and understand how to properly use and maintain your vape.

There are endless videos and instructions to be found online to learn all the ins and outs of vaping. Also it’s important you invest in the right product, invest in higher quality hardware and more premium e-liquids.

Use these four steps, and let us know how you quit vaping in our comments section below!

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