ProVape Electronic Cigarettes Review

ProVape Electronic Cigarettes Review

E-cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers are making a lot of headlines these days. For years, if you wanted to smoke or enjoy nicotine, your options were pretty limited. Thanks to these high-tech smoking gadgets, you can now get nicotine without dealing with a conventional cigarette or cigar. I am a lifelong smoker, and have been doing a lot of research about and trying out several brands of e-cigarettes. I thought I would write this ProVape review to help you decide whether or not ProVape products are right for you.

Provape: Vaporizer or E-cigarette?

There are lots of products that fall under the product umbrella of e-cigarettes, but there are some differences between them that customers need to be aware of. Most e-cigarettes are designed to look and feel as much like real cigarettes as possible. This means that they are designed to be the same size, and have the exterior characteristics of regular cigarettes. Vaporizers, while being very similar to e-cigarettes are a bit different. Vaporizers come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors. They don’t look like a conventional cigarette, but they do offer the same type of nicotine delivery.

What to Look For,

There are a few features that you’ll want to look for in your e-cigarette or vaporizer. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Battery Life
Hit Strength

Provape-Long Battery Life

ProVape products have superior battery life to just about any other e-cigarette or vaporizer on the market. Some of the e-cigs that I’ve tried only give you a few hours of battery life. I even had one e-cigarette that died after about an hour of consistent use. The ProVape gives you between 8 and 10 hours of battery life. That means if you charge this e-cigarette up in the morning, you should have plenty of juice to get through the work day and ride home. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you need a quick hit of nicotine. You won’t have to worry about that when you use the ProVape e-cigarettes.

Provape-Hit Strength

As someone that has smoked regular cigarettes for over 20 years, I expect e-cigarettes to give me a strong hit when I use them. After all, if you don’t get that strong hit, it’s hard to say that an e-cigarette is even working. ProVape e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors and all of them are strong enough to let you know that your e-cigarette is working. If you can’t live without feeling a strong hit in the back of your throat, the ProVape won’t let you down.

Provape:Tons of Flavors

The feature that ProVape offers that is the most impressive is the sheer volume of flavors that they offer. I am a classic tobacco fan, myself, but I have to admit that some of the flavors ProVape offers are pretty darned tempting. From your favorite mixed drink to delicious chocolate, ProVape offers dozens of different flavors to choose from. And if you’re like me, they even offer their “Marlbro” flavors that taste just like the popular brand of a similar name. One thing’s for sure, if you like to try new flavors for your vaping, you’ll never fun out of options with ProVape.


Some of the e-cigarettes I’ve used have been shoddily built. Some of them feel like they might last a few months and that’s it. I’ve even used one brand that shorted out on me after just a few weeks. As you can imagine, I’m pretty keen on finding a durable e-cigarette. This is another area where ProVape stands head and shoulders above the competition. The design of their e-cigarettes is pretty impressive. They obviously have a lot of faith in their products, as they offer a lifetime guarantee on the ProVape e-cigarette. You’ve got to be impressed when a company offers lifetime guarantees, as you know that they back up their products and put a lot of work into making them reliable. In my opinion, the lifetime guarantee from ProVape is a great sign that they take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Provape:A High Tech Alternative

If you’re looking for an e-cigarette that uses cutting edge technology, you’ll love how high-tech the ProVape e-cigarettes are. Everything from the design of the unit down to the way it delivers the vapors is built with the latest technology. In the process, they’ve built one of the most impressive vaporizers available today. It may look a little different than more conventional models, but it packs a punch and boasts battery life that the competitors can’t touch.

Customer Comments on Provape

I checked around online while researching for this e-cigarette review and found lots of customer reviews for the ProVape e-cigarette. Nearly every review I read had nothing but praise for this cutting edge nicotine delivery system. In fact, people have even said that they quit smoking real cigarettes altogether after using ProVape for just a few months. Of course, those results aren’t typical, but they do demonstrate how impressed customers have been with ProVape e-cigarettes.

Any Negative Points for Provape?

There are no perfect products. We all know that no matter how good something is, there are bound to be drawbacks. ProVape e-cigarettes are no exception, there are some negative points that potential customers should know about. A few online reviewers were put off by the shape and design of the ProVape. It is built quite a bit different from a conventional cigarette, and this is a put-off for some smokers. Some people simply need an e-cigarette that looks like the real thing. Of course, the main reason that ProVape is built so differently is to deliver the best battery life. When you puff away on this e-cigarette, you know that you’re not going to run out of power any time soon. So, while the design is a drawback for some, it is really a trade-off to get better battery life.


ProVape makes a nice nicotine vaporizer. It delivers good tasting, hard hitting nicotine, but the design is a little unconventional. Veteran smokers may find the shape of this e-cigarette a bit troubling, but casual smokers or people looking for a new way to get nicotine shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. The price for ProVape is very reasonable, especially considering the long battery life. If you’re looking for an alternative to the ordinary, you’ll definitely enjoy using ProVape e-cigarettes.

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