Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

I bought a Pax3 by PAX Labs, Inc in back. Yes, the Black one.

I read a Pax 3 Vaporizer review that said this was a “vaporizer worthy of batman.” With a statement like that, I just had to get my hands on one and test it, especially now that I gave up smoking for vaping.

This vape works with dry herbs like tobacco, oils, or concentrates.

Although the Pax price is high at a CA$359.99, it has one of the longest warranties on the market.

The Pax comes with a lengthy ten-year warranty as standard, so if you do encounter any issues you can rest assured they will happily replace the unit.

PAX 3 release date:

Namaste Technologies Inc. has signed an agreement with PAX Labs (“PAX”) on October 11, 2016 and Namaste Brings PAX 3 to Domestic and International Market on Dec. 05, 2016

What’s in the box?

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • 2 x Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
  • Two  Magnetic Oven Lids (Full pack & half pack)
  • One Maintenance Kit Cleaning kit (includes five cleaning wipes, five pipe cleaners)
  • Three Screens
  • One Concentrate Insert
  • 1 x Multi-Tool
  • Power adapter, Charging stand and cord
  • 3500 mAh Battery
  • 10- year warranty, limited
  • Instruction pamphlet
  • 4.1″ x 1.4″ x 0.9″
  • Less than 1 lb.

PAX 3 Price – Buy from PAX LAB CA$359.99 Or from namaste vapes $364.95

What’s New  in Pax3:

The basics are same but it includes with innovative features & hardware upgrades like – smart-phone app, 15 sec heat-up time,  & twice the power of its predecessor  PAX2. The PAX3 is a “dual-use” also and it includes a concentrate oven insert. But I liked the PAX 3 for my Dry Herb, and it’s simply Wow.

PAX 3 vs PAX 2

Vape construction


A tip of the hat goes off to the product designers of the Pax 3 vaporizer for such a luxurious yet simple design.

Barely more than 4” long and slightly less than 1.5” wide as like as Pax2, the Pax3 easily fits in the palm of your hand or pocket.

Its size is more than conducive for portability and incognito use. The Pax 3 is also silent when in use, adding to the list of reasons you should take this device just about anywhere.

While size and noise matter, so does complexion. When most vaporizers come in just black or white options, the Pax breaks the gray-scale hued mold.

You may choose from an appealing array of anodized aluminum exterior finishes : amethyst (purple), cobalt (blue), emerald (green) or onyx (black).

The vapor pathway is constructed of medical grade stainless steel, as is the heating element at the bottom of the unit, also known as the “oven”.

A four-slitted LED indicator light adds an element of technological style. With its compact size, sleek color choices and substantial materials, the Pax3  strongly reminds one of an unassuming iPod mini.

What can this portable vaporizer pipe do for me?

Perhaps more sleek of the features of the Pax’s LED indicator light. This glowing feature lets its users feels monitor the vape: Read its heating status, moderate the temperature level, and check its battery life.

Because the Pax3 is externally button-less (further maintaining its luxurious, modern design), it has a removable mouthpiece that conceals the operational switches.

This is where you can simply turn on/off the vaporizer and toggle between the three heat levels. The LED light will change colors; this is the temperature guide:

  • Yellow / Low = 370 deg. F (188 C)
  • Orange / Med = 390 deg. F (199 C)
  • Red / Hot = 410 deg. F (210 C)

No matter what the temperature is set to, the Pax 3 never gets hot enough to burn its contents, ensuring clean and pure vapor. Nor does it get hot enough to be painful or even slightly uncomfortable to the touch. It now takes around 10 to 20 seconds to reach its vaping temperatures that are actually two times faster then Px2.

PAX 3 is available in 4 colors

A built-in motion sensor will recognize when the Pax has been set down on a stationed surface. The Pax 3 will then go to sleep like a cell phone would for safety and substance longevity.

The moment it is handled again, the Pax’3s oven clicks on and is ready for vaping within seconds.

Afraid you might pack a load, get distracted by a shiny object, and set the Pax 3down? No need to worry! The Pax 3 will sense this and shut itself off automatically after some time for safety purposes.

The same motion sensor that measures temperature and automatically shuts off the Pax 3 is also purposed for users to check the battery life.

Average battery life is between charges is three to five uses, or up to two hours of continuous use according to reviews.

Want to check the battery? Simply give the Pax 3 a gentle shake to get a battery status read. The LED light will blink green if fully charged, or glare red if it needs juice.

Small but mighty, don’t let its iPod-esque stature fool you. The Pax doesn’t just boast a clever and efficient compact design, but it offers a potent and sizable payload. It’s oven, approximately 0.3” x 0.9” x 0.3”, can hold 0.35g of a tightly packed load according to users.

But like an iPod, it doesn’t produce smoke and, as such, can be used in non-smoking areas (a stretch I know, but who isn’t trying to emulate Apple in some shape or form nowadays!).

Pros and cons of the Pax 3

The sleek, modern design allows for supreme portability. Use it where you want, when you want. Indoor? Outdoor? Party? Concert? Park? Dog walk?

The Pax3’s covert engineering allows me to vape nearly anywhere you can think of vaping. The stealth factor is beyond ideal.

With no burn or smoke smell, I can use this handy little device where desired and be completely incognito. These are the two best benefits of this vape.

Although many customers complain about the mouthpiece breaking if the Pax3 if dropped, luckily this piece is removable and can be replaced thanks to 10-year warranty.

And finally –PAX3 APP  The main function of the PAX 3 App to set an exact temperature & find the perfect thermostat settings for vape . I am very much happy with the apps that give me to personalize my vaporizer and update with download options regularly.

Customers that, for whatever reason, do need to reach out to support team who have given them raving reviews on support responsiveness, politeness and a willingness to go above and beyond to solve the issue. I don’t think this is a drawback for the Pax3  but a problem that a minority of customers have experienced because of their own inaction.

Maintenance is key

One thing to keep in mind is to extend the life of the Pax 3, and ensure high-quality vapor for each use, the Pax3 does require some decently attentive maintenance.

Because of its compact size, cleaning can be a bit tricky. The user manual guides you through proper maintenance.

Some other vaporizers may require less maintenance or may be less expensive, but you are losing out on the extreme portability of the Pa3x.

Amazing customer support and a lengthy, fair product warranty make the cost, and maintenance time, well worth the investment.

Written reviews say the Pax 3 is “bringing smoking into the 21st century” and that it’s a “vaporizer worthy of batman.”

While we can definitely see Bruce Wayne opting to light up with a Pax3 because of its batmobile-matching onyx finish, it’s the simplistic yet sophisticated functionality that will keep him coming back for more.

Should you buy it? According to “yes, yes, a thousand times yes.”

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