Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

To begin with, I think that the NPRO mini looks pretty nice. You can get it in four different colors(at the time of writing this), which include black, white, burgundy, and silver. The white, burgundy, and silver have a very high gloss look to them while the black is a lot more of a subtle matte black. There is a small gold band where the battery/atomizer housing meet up with the cartridge. This really ads some style to it-especially on the white and black models.

The starter kit of this model costs about $80 right now. While that may immediately sound high you need to remember that this is a US company unlike half of the ones on the market right now and you will have trouble getting customer service, a 1 year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee make this an incredible deal. Most companies just aren’t willing to stand behind their product that way.

The cartridges are replaceable in ten packs and come in 5 flavors which are tobacco, menthol, vanilla, strawberry, and apple. Each cartridge is supposed to last as long as 10 normal cigarettes, but as any person who has used an electronic cigarette for any period of time will tel you, this is highly subjective and depends mostly on your smoking habits(how long and how much you inhale for example).

What We Liked About The Njoy Npro Mini
The first thing that really jumps out at me about this mini electronic cigarette is the fact that it is put together exceptionally well. The construction of it just feels solid. Many people might jump out and complain that the nicotine cartridges are too tight of a fit but I find this to be a major plus. When compared to some models by other manufactures, particularly the cheap Chinese rip-off types of brands, which are notorious for the nicotine cartridge not fitting quit right, this is a sigh of relief.

What We Didn’t Like About The Njoy Npro Mini
I have already praised the way it looks but to be honest the way the entire thing comes together doesn’t necessarily look the best. It is mainly the cartridge. It has a kind of beige color that is supposed to look like a cigarette filter but doesn’t look quite right. Even next to the white it looks kind of funny, and can just look bad next to some of the other colors. This is all just a matter of opinion though.

The other thing is also about the appearance. The light on the tip is intentionally orange and really closely mimics the way that a real cigarette looks. I prefer for mine to be very obviously not a real cigarette especially when I plan on using it in a public building(where cigarettes are banned). However, some people may see this a plus.

The last thing is that there have been many complaints about the battery wearing out way too fast. I haven’t used it long enough to notice anything like this. I will update if ever notice any problems.

Otherwise I don’t have any major complaints from my short time using it. It is by no means perfect but there really aren’t that many things that really stick out as bad, and that leads to my….

I would give this an above average rating. The construction is top notch and it has a great warranty. On top of that I have no complaints about its operation. The fact that there isn’t anything terribly outstanding, good or bad, about this mini electronic cigarette makes it a great buy.

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