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How to Clean Halo Triton


Cleaning e-liquid out of a Halo mini tank, or a Triton tank is simple. You’ll see YouTube videos of e-cigarette users demonstrating their method of cleaning their tanks, but in a manner where they are actually intimidating people in the process. These things aren’t that fragile. Don’t worry.

The cleaning process isn’t as difficult or fragile as some may make it out to be. In just a few steps, you can have a completely clean Halo G6 Mini tank, or Halo Triton tank along with a few extra dollar bills in your pocket.

Very few people actually know that their tanks are re-usable, and that the atomizer coils are replaceable with the Halo Triton. Let’s go further….

Cleaning the Mini Tanks

Things you’ll need:

  • Towel, Paper towel/Toilet paper, Water

First and foremost, if you’ve used your mini tank for a long time (1-2 weeks) it’s a good idea to change it completely. Throw it away, buy a new one. If however you’re just wanting to swap e-liquid flavors, no problem 🙂

  1. Fill the sink with a decent amount of luke warm water. (warm to the touch)
  2. Remove the black mouthpiece
  3. Place the mini tank in the water, hold it firmly, shake shake shake – until you can’t see any e-liquid on your wicks, or in the tank.
  4. Turn the water back on, rinse the tank and mouth piece – Blow out any access water. Wipe the female connection end of the mini tank with toilet paper or paper towel, then place them on the paper towel, or towel. Let them sit for roughly 45 minutes. (that’s the longest part of the process)
  5. Fill your tank, attach it to your G6 battery, and enjoy!

See? Not so bad 🙂 Now here’s the thing….you can speed up the process a bit by not letting them sit to dry, however you must make absolutely sure that there is no water in the center piece, or anywhere near/on the female end where the mini tank screws on to the G6 battery. If you’ve dried that up, and place e-liquid into the tank. Again, if you haven’t let it sit and dry, you’ll experience a lack of vapor but no worries – that’s normal. Just give it a few drags (roughly 8-11) and everything will be back to normal operations!


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