How to Choose The Best Portable Vaporizer

How to Choose The Best Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are the most recent alternative to mobile smoking. These portable, pocket or wallet vaporizers, as they call it, fits perfectly in a pocket which makes it easy to carry around with you when you want to vape.

What is A Portable Vaporizer?

A portable vaporizer is a gadget used to breathe in and draw out plant matter. The vaporizer heats up the plant matter and the user gets to inhale and exhale the plant’s active components. Portable vaporizers are designed to boil the plant matter until it becomes vapor. There’s no combustion involved in the process.

Do You Need A Portable Vaporizer?

A portable vaporizer is an alternative to conventional smoking techniques. It doesn’t produce any smoke. The main difference between vapor and smoke is that vapor does not contain tar, carbon monoxide gas, and other hazardous substances. Portable vaporizers only heat up natural herbs, hence, making it a healthier smoking technique for all smokers out there.

If you’ve noticed, more and more vaporizers are being sold in the market today. This means that the consumer market for vaporizers is increasing too; smokers are making the switch. Although the variety of options is good news, choosing the right one is the challenge. How can you decide which one to buy? Which is best for your needs? Listed below are the factors to consider when buying your own portable vaporizer.

Budget: In the vaporizer world, people tend to equate price with quality, but this isn’t always the case. If you take time comparing different brands, you’ll notice that there’s a huge price disparity among brands. For instance, you can already buy a simple and effective portable vaporizer for as low as $60. But for people who are willing to spend a lot, there are vaporizers priced above $600. The usual price range is between $150-$300. Don’t just compare prices, compare the value as well.

Design: The design referred to here is not the design of the vaporizer itself, but the design of the process. There are two types: conduction and convection. With conduction, the vaporizer has to be directly heated with a hot surface. Convection vaporizers are heated indirectly through the moving hot air. Most people will prefer convection portable vaporizers as it avoids combustion. However, the newer conduction vaporizer designs are becoming popular too. These devices are usually smaller, cheaper and easier to use.

Warm Up Time: Portable vaporizers have a different warm-up times. Some can only take a few seconds to warm up, while some can take as long as 30 minutes. Those with ceramic heaters take a while to warm up but they can be readily used when left on during the day. On the other hand, there are vaporizers that need the direct flame to warm up.

Portability: The best portable vaporizers are light, small and very compact. These things should fit into a carrying case or fit perfectly into a pocket. Also, portable vaporizers can be used without the need to plug it in.

Usage: When you carry a portable vaporizer with you, it should be easy to use. Mind you, there are vaporizers that will require the use of both hands. If you’re outside your home, you won’t be able to smoke comfortably with all the fuss. So, be sure that the portable vaporizer you have is simple yet effective.

Temperature: The ability to control temperature is one of the important factors when choosing a portable vaporizer. For one, temperature control prevents combustion and next, you can choose to release specific components at different temperatures. The problem with combustion is that it releases all the components even the toxins and it can destroy the healthy components of the plant. Choosing a portable vaporizer with a temperature digital display should help you when it comes to keeping track of the temperature you’re using.

Power: Electric power and flame are the main power sources of vaporizers. For portable vaporizers, you’re better off sticking with an electric powered one as it uses a rechargeable battery. Think about it, it would be such a hassle to smoke in a public place if your vaporizer is powered by flame. However, do consider that once your battery becomes worn out, it can be difficult to simply replace the battery alone. Often, users have to replace the whole thing.

This portable vaporizer-buying guide should help you get started on comparing brands, checking the features and choosing the vaporizer for you. It is essential that you determine what your needs are so you can have a better idea of which portable vaporize suits your lifestyle best.

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