GreenNicotine – Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

Who is GreenNicotine?

GreenNicotine uses a new, revolutionary, and award-winning electronic device which allows you to “smoke” in an alternative way.

What is GreenNicotine?
For the past several years, the team behind Green Nicotine has been product testing, and researching, the possibility of an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and is currently introducing a ground breaking electronic “smoking” delivery device.

What is the Refill Cartridge?
GreenNicotine refill cartridges contain small amounts of nicotine mixed with flavoring and common food additives that are in many of today’s foods and medicines. Each refill cartridges is equivalent to two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The refill cartridges are available in three of the world’s most popular flavors; Western, Oriental, and Mint. The refill cartridges contain nicotine. All flavors are available in high nicotine content (15mg) and medium nicotine content (10mg). Nicotine is a highly addictive natural alkaloid substance extracted from tobacco leaves or other plants that might contain nicotine. It is the main substances that make smokers addicted to the smoking habit. During smoking, the nicotine enters the blood through the lungs in a matter of 7 to 9 seconds and different physiological reactions occur such as a calming or a happier mood felt by the smoker. The refill cartridges are free from harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, and thousands of the chemicals associated with traditional tobacco smoking. The virulence, or poison testing, on the refill cartridges conducted by many authoritative organizations has positively demonstrated safety of the ingredients.

Do I need a lighter to use GreenNicotine?
No! GreenNicotine does not require a lighter. It does not have a flame and cannot cause a fire like a traditional cigarette.

How do I turn on the GreenNicotine?
The microchip inside GreenNicotine runs a sophisticated computer program that automatically turns the unit on once it has sensed a drag by the user.

How often do I need to charge the battery?
The battery life is determined by how heavily it is used. If you smoke one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes a day, your battery should last you till early evening. Every GreenNicotine starter kit comes with two batteries. Simply, switch out the used battery and continue “smoking”.

Is there a warranty with the purchase?
Yes! GreenNicotine comes with a 6-month “limited” warranty on all parts. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects and is void if defect is a result of user misuse. This warranty is outlined in your owner’s manual. GreenNicotine strongly suggests that all users thoroughly read their owner’s manual prior to use of the product.

Is Nicotine harmful to my health?
Nicotine is a stimulant comparable to caffeine, but is much more addictive. This is the reason GreenNicotine is only recommended for current smokers. As with any stimulants, the user should set personal limitations. However, GreenNicotine would like to make the user aware that nicotine itself is not a carcinogen. Some studies have shown, nicotine can make the user more alert, focused, can enhance memory, and make the user fifty percent less likely to acquire Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Nicotine has been shown to have its benefits, yet it has also shown it increases blood pressure. As with any drug, seek professional guidance prior to consuming.

What is the “smoke” that is released from the GreenNicotine?
The “smoke” that is released from GreenNicotine is a harmless vapor that evaporates in the air within seconds. The vapor is virtually odorless. GreenNicotine leaves no residue in the air, and causes no second-hand smoke.

Does GreenNicotine have a taste?
The taste of GreenNicotine resembles traditional tobacco flavors, but tastes much smoother and cleaner because there is no tobacco burning; therefore, tars, additives and other chemicals are not released eliminating any bitter taste of a traditional cigarette.

Can I use GreenNicotine anywhere?
Yes! Smoking bans do not apply to GreenNicotine since it is not a tobacco product; therefore, it has been deemed 100% legal to be smoked in public places because it does not release any second-hand smoke, only harmless vapor. However, please be courteous and respectful when using GreenNicotine in public places. Always be willing to explain, and demonstrate, your unit does not contain tobacco, produce smoke, or fire.

Can anyone use GreenNicotine?
No! GreenNicotine is intended for uses by current smoking adults. GreenNicotine has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Statements made about GreenNicotine products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. GreenNicotine products are simply an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. It is not designed or intended, as a smoking cessation device. GreenNicotine products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, not by nonsmokers or children, people sensitive to propylene glycol, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma.

Can you save money using GreenNicotine?
Do the math!!! After you purchase the initial GreenNicotine Starter Kit, you will be paying $1.56 per pack equivalent to traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you are looking to save money, reduce your chemical intake, or have the freedom to smoke anywhere, then it is easy. GreenNicotine gives you the ability to accomplish all three. So, Stop reading, start ordering, and begin moving in a different direction…GreenNicotine…The new way to smoke…smoke free.


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