G Pen Vaporizer Review

G Pen Vaporizer Review

I have read a lot of reviews about the G Pen Vaporizer that said it was as a “game changer” for oil vaporing. What more could I do than try one? The G Pen is meant to make personal aromatherapy practice more convenient, discreet, simple and fun.

Easy to use and the ability to be taken anywhere, the G Pen is indeed a game changer. But it is important to note that it is only compatible with oils/concentrates and NOT herbs.

Construction and what’s in the box

The G Pen vaporizer highly resembles, you guessed it, a pen! It very much looks like a calligraphy style pen, flattened out on one end by the mouthpiece.

It is about the size of a Sharpie marker, and, as such, the G Pen can easily fit into your pocket and tag along to vaporize anywhere. It is recommended to keep this little beauty in a case if you are traveling with it.

Its MSRP is $65 USD and comes with a G Tank, G Tool, Wall Charger, AC Adapter, and 2 Essential Oil Containers. It is about 2 pounds and 2x4x6 inches.

The G Pen is made with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The G Pen was specifically designed to work with Grenco Science’s G Tank, which is made of a mouthpiece, stainless steel encasement, and the tank itself (where the essential oils are applied and housed).

The G Tank will transfer the perfect amount of power through to vaporize essential oils at the ideal temperature before combustion.

The G Pen vaporizes essential oils, which is growing in popularity in the vaping community.

If you let the G-Pen sit on its side too long it can spill, as with nearly all oil-based vaporizers and is a small issue. The oil is held in the separate replaceable tank, which makes less mess.

The G Pen comes with a battery that is already charged, a complete nicety from Grenco Science (most electronic vaporizers need charged for hours before initial use).

The tank system design is so user-friendly that anyone can remove the plastic storage cap, insert their product, and vaporize within minutes of opening their new G Box (the “G Box” is what Grenco Science appropriately calls the box the G Pen and accessories comes in).

The unit is compact and ensures that no small pieces get lost or broken, speaking of which …


Grenco Science gives their products a 1 year warranty on select products.

This warranty is as follows: 30 day, no cost, warranty if product found to be defective (electronic products only) and a 1-year replacement program. This also includes the G Pen’s lithium ion battery.

Grenco Science asks that you keep your receipt. Please note, this warranty applies to the product under normal usage and is subject to all product usage documentation by Grenco Science.

Pros and cons of the G Pen vaporizer

Grenco Science took “all the most important variables into consideration, like temperature, average density, weight and consistency” to build a unit that vaporizes, not combusts your ingredients.

This practice, as you are probably aware, is becoming more popular as it eliminates the harmful toxins present in smoke while maximizing the intended effects of your oil/ingredients through smooth vapor.

The G Pen completely embodies this practice and provides its users with benefits through well thought out features.

Don’t expect the G Pen’s battery to run out on you anytime soon. Each battery charge holds about more than 300 hits.

While oil vapor is much stronger than standard vaporizers, 300 hits is far more than you would ever need in a day, and especially a vaping session (or two, or three).

The G Pen has one operational button, making it easy to use and follow.

The button allows the G Pen to heat up almost instantly, which isn’t something you see with a lot of vaporizers.

This feature makes the G Pen perfect for quick draws. The G Pen will also automatically shut off after ten seconds to preserve battery life, promote safety, and keep the purity of your product.

When in use, the G Pen hits as strong as much more expensive oil vaporizers.
What users are saying

Critics say that if you are specifically looking to buy your first oil vaporizer to try out the G Pen.

It’s easy of use and is straightforward to operate. The single button operation can be used by anyone with virtually no instructions.

It is logically designed and users were able to load, use, and clean without much manual help or frustration.

Additionally, G Pen replacement parts are easy to find so you can use it frequently and keep it working for a long time without breaking the bank.

It is also recommended to those who are looking for a simple alternative to enjoy vaping without using herbs (or have the burnt smell).

The battery is also extremely reliable and holds its charge for a lot longer than other vaporizers (which can sometimes hold a frustratingly short charge).

In fact, some reviewers said they haven’t experienced any battery problems months after purchase, with heavy use. A lot of value for one G Pen purchase!

The looks and size of the G Pen give its users extreme portability and ability for discrete use. There is nothing more unassuming than a pen-like unit.

Current reviewers are able to travel with it without charging, as the G Pen holds a great amount of battery life.

As stated previously, this unit can leak. Do not overfill the G Pen and leaking shouldn’t be a huge issue.

Heated oils expand and get more liquid-y; so not filling to the brim is highly recommended and will greatly reduce leaking.

“It is the best partner that I have with my aromatherapy regimen and will definitely make you proud of owning one yourself,” said a current G Pen user.

Give it try if you are new to the oil vaping scene, or, even if you are experienced, the G Pen is sure to please all.

I hope this G Pen vaporizer review has been useful to you.

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