ERTH Hemp Lemon Lime CBD Vape Juice Review

ERTH Hemp Lemon Lime CBD Vape Juice Review

There are many CBD products from different brands on the market. ERTH Hemp is a relatively new CBD brand making high-quality CBD products. This company has a range of different CBD products including CBD capsules, oils, topicals, concentrates and vape juice. The ERTH Hemp vape juice collection offers some of the best CBD e-juice flavors on the market. Examples of these CBD e-liquids are Grape Candy, Fuji Pear, Lemon Lime, and Peach Ring, You get all the benefits and effects of pure CBD from these blends.

The CBD Lemon Lime is one of the best blends in the ERTH Hemp line. This CBD vape juice offers a refreshing citrus flavor. This CBD e-liquid is a mix of ripe lemons and limes. Lemon Lime has a lasting tropical taste that can be vaped all day.

ERTH Hemp’s Lemon Lime is infused with high-quality Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), flavoring and premium hemp. Like other CBD e-liquids by this brand, Lemon Lime contains CO2 extracted hemp oil isolate. The hemp in this e-juice is 100 percent organic and solvent-free. When you vape Lemon Lime, you don’t have to worry about consuming any THC.

ERTH Hemp Lemon Lime contains different concentration levels of CBD which are 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg.

ERTH Hemp CBD vape juice works with most refillable electronic cigarette systems. This e-juice does not require any particular wattage settings. However, you get a more stronger flavor of Lemon Lime when vaped with a higher wattage device. The 1000mg version of this e-liquid is ideal for smaller low wattage devices. And when using a mod with high wattage, the version of this e-juice with the 500mg of CBD is the best choice.

ERTH Hemp’s Lemon Lime CBD vape juice comes in excellently designed 30ml bottles. You can buy a bottle of this e-liquid from most vape shops. However, Ejuice. Deals, one of the best vape shops around sells a 30ml bottle of Lemon Lime by ERTH Hemp for $24.99. You can also buy other ERTH Hemp e-liquids from this store. Grape Candy, Fuji Pear are also sold for $24.99.

Besides ERTH Hemp, Ejuice. Deals also has other CBD e-liquids at it store. Some examples are Koi Summer CBD Tropical Popsicle CBD e-juice, Koi Summer CBD Raspberry Iced Tea vape juice, Koi Summer CBD Fuji Apple Nectarine Strawberry CBD e-juice and many others. The Koi Summer CBD vape juice are sold for $23.99.

Other CBD e-liquids available at Ejuice. Deals are from the Reef Wellness brand. These CBD e-liquid flavors are Fruity Cereal, Strawberry Guava, Fuji Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Iced Watermelon. These Reef Wellness CBD e-liquids comes in 30ml bottles for around $39.99.

Ejuice. Deals has a customer friendly online shop and fast shipping service. When you buy from this store you don’t have to worry about your order not arriving on time. You can also buy other vaping products besides those that are CBD-based from Ejuice. Deals.

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