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2015 will go down as a pivotal year for the vape industry. The vape community really came into its own, for better or for worse. We are now without a doubt, a culture. With its own customs, values and perspectives, that is a beautiful thing.

Vaping soared to new heights this year as an industry, and in terms of the number of people that have put away cigarettes for good making the switch to vaping. With that growth, has come a number of legislative threats as well. Numerous politicians around the world have attempted to impose harsh and unfair regulations on vaping.

Naturally this has caused outrage and fear amongst the growing vaper population. As it stands, numerous states in the U.S. have laws being proposed against the industry. In addition to the FDA`s looming guidelines. Europe also has its own fight ahead of them, with the EU`s proposed anti vaping laws.

Its easy to get frustrated or anxious when one looks at all the places in the world that are trying to either ban, or slow the growth of vaping. At the same time, vaping has grown into such a global movement, that it really can’t be stopped.

Here are the 6 biggest reasons why vaping is the future:

1. Too many people already vape:

Just by sheer numbers, there are far to many people who now vape to halt the communities growth.There are millions of peope vaping just the US and UK alone. Regulations and anti vaping laws could certain make it more difficult to get products and more expensive. But there are just far to many people vaping to stop it altogether.

2. It’s not hard to make e-liquid:

Lets be honest, as much as we appreciate the time and energy e-liquid companies put into creating their unique tasty flavors. Making e-liquid is not a very complicated process, and the massive DIY community is proof of that. While some of the harsher laws would make it much more expensive to buy e-liquid. People could just make it themselves for personal use.

3. Science doesn’t lie:

Every study that has shown vaping to have an adverse effect on health has been either debunked, or comically flawed. Furthermore, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence already that proves vaping is much safer than smoking.

4. The technology is getting easier to use:

Who remembers the joys of priming a cartomizer? Or learning how to build a coil?

While drippers still continue to come up with intricate time consuming builds, vape tech has gotten safer, more affordable and easier to use. You can now get high performance hardware without the technical knowledge. By making the barrier to entry easier will attract more people to make the switch from vaping.

5. People aren’t stupid:

There will always be ignorant people that don`t understand vaping. You know the ones that look at you like you just pulled out a crack pipe when your vaping in public. But the majority of the non vaping public see the truth. Vaping is safer than smoking, and is a better alternative. Furthermore, there is enough mistrust of the government to see through the propaganda.

6. You can’t stop disruption:

Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix are examples of disruptive technology that have greatly impacted existing industries and become common place in a short period of time. For example: everyone streams content now, and Blockbuster is bankrupt.

Disruptive technology always wins, but they also have to go through growing pains. The vape industry is no different.

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