Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic Cigarette Review

Buying an electronic cigarette can be a trying experience for someone who has just started using electronic cigarettes. With the number of brands offering electronic cigarette growing, this market has basically exploded with almost all the players claiming to be the best and offering the best product in the market and in between all this marketing gimmicks, the first time user is left to filter and choose from all these brands with no prior knowledge of what to expect.

There were times when you could rely on the reviews which you read online from other fellow buyers but now even that piece has been hijacked by the manufacturers as they have hired marketers to write that they are the best. One needs to be extra careful when reading these reviews as the ones talking about all the positive things might be a paid blogger by that particular company and the same is true if you are hearing only the bad things in a particular review.

Few of the brands who have been rated as the top by most of the reviews are Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, Vapor Zone and South Beach electronic cigarettes. These brands have got good reviews not only for their pricing strategy but also for the excellent quality of the product as well as choice they have provided to the customer. Vapor Zone has been known to be innovative when it comes to the flavor options it offers to the customers. They believe that as each customer is different, so they don’t limit their options by offering limited no. of flavor options and every customer can mix and match and make their own flavor.

Green Smoke has positioned itself as a premium customers brand and justifies this positioning by offering cigarettes which gives the customers a feeling of traditional cigarettes. Their other products which come in the kit are also of high quality and have known to be lasting longer than other major competitors. There have been some customer complaints about the reusability aspect of their products but then Green Smoke is not offered for the customers who like to have a cheap electronic cigarette. They are a premium brand which offers an overall experience to the customer unmatched by any competitor.

V2 Cig is more of an affordable electronic cigarette available to the customers and with the refill liquid available from V2 Cigs, it helps customers save even more money by refilling the same cartridges over and over again.

Last but certainly not the least; South Beach has been getting lot of rave reviews about the battery life which comes with the kit. There electronic cigarette is also known to be producing very high quality of vapors giving a good nicotine kick to the users making the experience of smoking enthralling.

As a new customer, it’s always better to start with a disposable kind of kit offered by the company and once you like that, you can go for the full-fledged kit having all the options that you could possibly need to enjoy your smoking experience.

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