E-Cigs: the ‘quit smoking’ conundrum

E-Cigs: the ‘quit smoking’ conundrum

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes and are thinking about trying them as a way to quit smoking, good idea. But there are some issues you’re going to run into. This page will attempt to shed some much-needed light, and hopefully very little heat.

1. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has come out with an evaluation of electronic cigarettes. The agency is leaning toward regulating them. It says they may contain some ingredients that could pose a health hazard.

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are actively lobbying to get e-cigs banned altogether. E-cigs pose a major threat to their profits. The FDA jury is still out but pays close attention as a new ruling by a federal judge, and the FDA is very close.

The federal judge has ruled that the FDA DOES NOT have jurisdiction over electronic cigarettes. Great !

BTW, Gov. Arnold in California vetoed a ‘ban e-cigs’ bill. Way to go, Arnie.

Update: Pa. county bans vaping in public places

The many upside benefits of E-Cigs, and none of the downside.

2. There is no tobacco used in electronic cigarettes. The ‘smoke’ that’s exhaled is actually a water vapor. It has nothing in it to cause any concern about ‘secondary smoke’ problems.

The only ingredient of consequence, aside from nicotine, used in e-cigs is Propylene Glycol. The scaremongerers always refer to PG as the ‘ingredient used in anti-freeze’.

Yeah, it’s used in antifreeze, in regular cigarettes, in food coloring, in candy, in a lot of food products that have FDA approval.   Ignore the scare monger’s reference to antifreeze. We ingest products containing PG every day of our lives. It’s a non-issue. E-cigs as a means to quit smoking.

E-cig marketing companies are not allowed to focus on their products as an effective means to quit smoking. Not enough studies have been done to prove that.

Lots of studies have been done on gums, patches, pills and other methods to quit smoking. The average ‘success’ rate is about 20%. This does not seem impressive at all, wouldn’t you agree?

3. But here’s a simple fact: electronic cigarettes allow the user to select the nicotine level that suits them, and gradually reduce the amount down to zero.

And while that’s happening, the e-cig user is avoiding the other 4000 ingredients including tars and carcinogens in real cigarettes that Big Tobacco puts in their products to keep you hooked.

Is that a health improvement? Common sense says it has to be. In the real world of e-cig users, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ex-smokers who will stand up and testify to the simple fact that e-cigs enabled them to quit when the patches, gums, pills and other products of the sort, failed.

So, are e-cigs a bonafide method to quit smoking? Only time will tell as more research is done. Do they work with everyone who tries them? Not even close. Why? Because quitting smoking is a state of mind. If the smoker is not totally committed to the intention to quit, the effort has little chance of succeeding. The smoker has to really want to quit.

4. The major difference between e-cigs and nice patch or Nico-gum is, e-cigs enable the user to continue with the ‘process’ of smoking. It gives the hands something to do.

Smoking is more than just inhaling and exhaling. It’s where the smoker is, often who he/she is with, and even when alone, it very much has to do with reaching for the cigarette pack, pulling one out, lighting up, taking that first big drag, exhaling, and seeing that small cloud of smoke.

All of that, the ‘process’, is what smoking is all about. The gums and the patches don’t offer that part of it. The smoker misses the process as much as the nicotine and other ingredients.

Old habits are hard to break. Reaching for a cigarette right after a meal, or when first getting in the car, is a reflex action. It has become part of the individual’s makeup. In order for the quitting process to work, the old habits have to be replaced with new habits, as in reaching for, pulling out, and inhaling that first drag from an electronic cigarette.

Very similar to the old habit. The only difference, as far as the process is concerned, is the lack of lighting up. There is no tobacco, therefore there’s nothing to light up. But exhaling ‘smoke’ is there. The smoker can see it, feel it, and get satisfaction from it, even though it’s actually a harmless water vapor. It looks like smoke, and that’s all that’s required.

 All of this is why electronic cigarettes may be more prone to working. And why gums and patches and hypnotism may not be as effective.

This is true even when the e-cig user has dialed his/her nicotine level down to zero. The ‘process’ of smoking is still satisfying, still fun. But now, there is no health downside. And they can stop using their e-cigs any time it suits because there no longer is any addiction to deal with.

What brand of e-cig should I buy?

 The only issue left is to decide on what brand of e-cig to buy. Njoy ecig is the brand that’s growing in popularity every day. This despite the fact Green Smoke is among the most expensive brands out there. Here’s what one e-cig user/evaluator had to say on the e-cig forum:

Just be careful which brand you buy. Not all e-cigs are created equal, just like everything else. If you go cheap, you get what you pay for.

 One reason I like vaping is that I can vape without nicotine, and still I am able to “smoke” with e-liquids. As I said, It’s not just the nicotine you crave and miss, it’s just your habit that became such an integral part of your life.”


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