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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives

Filmmaker, and interestingly enough a non-vaper, Aaron Biebert is setting out to expose the lies that Big Pharma and the media have been spreading about vaping in a new vaping documentary titled “A Billion Lives”.

It’s estimated that 1 billion lives will be taken by tobacco within the next century if something does not change.
“When the New England Journal of Medicine published that study showing how e-cigarette vapor had more formaldehyde than cigarettes, I took notice,” he said. “I have friends that quit smoking after taking up vaping and I was concerned to see that e-cigarettes were worse. After I mentioned that study to a vaper, they pointed me to one scientist’s rebuttal showing that the entire study was built on the false premise of overheating the liquid. The entire study was a sham”, Aaron said after finding out about the now infamous debunked New England Journal of Medicine published study “Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols”.

Aaron and his team are taking advocacy into their own hands through the making of this documentary.

We are very excited about “A Billion Lives” and will keep you updated as to when the exact release date is scheduled for. For now, it looks like early 2016. Enjoy the highly impactful teaser trailer for the film at A Billion Lives Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe for updates! You can also follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ABillionLives and Twitter @abillionlives. Subscribe to the A Billion Lives newsletter which will keep you up to date on everything at the website www.abillionlives.com.

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