CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx Review

CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx Review

CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx is a great CBD tincture for anxiety and sleep disorder. It is designed to help you unwind your mind and calm your body down. It is fortified with full spectrum CBD and CBN. CBN is an ultimate relaxing cannabinoid that works like magic on your tense muscles, which can be very handy and helpful when are having a cranky day or a nervous breakdown.

The CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture is an updated version of the Classic CBD Tincture by CBDfx, now with an enhanced delightful herbaceous flavor. It’s also a good formula for sleeping well at night, that is if you have trouble sleeping normally at night, or you have fits that take away most part of the night. This Oil Tincture features high quality ingredients; full spectrum CBD – which contains all the compounds found in the hemp plant but with less than 0.3% THC content. It’s a full dose beneficial package without the intoxication that accompanies THC. You do not need to worry about finding traces of THC in your bloodstream which is understandable because if present, it is absorbed quickly into your blood.

The CBD Oil used was derived from organically grown hemp plant in the hills of Kentucky, U.S.A; the best hemp plants are usually selected for exceptional quality. Cannabinol or CBN, another ingredient, is a minor cannabinoid that works similarly to bigger compounds such as CBD and CBG. In the same way that these other cannabinoids perform, CBN binds to CB1 receptors and produces a sedative-like calm in the body and mind. This physiological response prompts the body to tire and get ready for bed. This is why it is not advised that you take a dose before operating heavy machinery or driving or engaging in any activity whatsoever that would require your full attention. A curated blend of proprietary terpenes were also used to enhance the calming effect of the oil tincture.

CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx comes in a 30ml/1 fl. Oz bottle and occurs in different CBD and CBN strengths. Now this is an exciting feature because it gives you options that give you charge over your CBD experience. Categorically, it comes in four levels of strength; regular strength with 500mg CBD content and 150mg CBN content, extra strength with 1000mg CBD content and 150mg CBN content, maximum strength with 2000mg CBD content and 150mg CBN content and maximum strength plus with 4000mg CBD content and 300mg CBN content. You need to be extra careful in dosing, you should start with the lower doses and see how it works for you before increasing your dose. This is because different people respond to CBD administration differently due to factors like age, body size and so on.

If you probably still wondering why you should opt for the CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx, it would interest you to know that aside that it’s made from natural ingredients, it also works to put you to sleep without the typical ill-effects of prescription sleep medication. That means that you will experience no strange physiological responses or dreams, just pure and natural sleep. You would also wake up feeling as rested as a new baby.

You can purchase the CBD+CBN Oil Calming Tincture by CBDfx on cbdfx.com for the prices of $39.99-$169.99, all dependent on the strength level you are going for. You will get your money’s worth for every product you purchase.

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