Vaporizers are predicated in basic science.  Vaporizers convert your blends and essential aromatherapy oils from a solid or liquid state into a gaseous state which you can inhale.  There are two basic methods for heating your inhalation materials: convection and conduction.  Conduction is applying your blend or oils directly to a heating surface.  The direct application of heat will generate the vapors and trigger the active ingredients.  Convection is pulling hot air through or over your blend or oils in order to create the aromas and trigger the active ingredients.  These techniques are an alternative to combustion, using fire to activate your blends or oils, as they apply heat more evenly and at a cooler temperature.  Evenly applied heat and cooler temperatures have a number of effects on your aromas.  Different temperatures will activate and release active ingredients in different proportions.  Combustion techniques often times will simply burn through the active ingredients you desire while triggering carcinogenic properties.

The Smok AL85 Review

Let’s start by saying that Smok AL85 boasts the exact same high quality as big brother the Alien 220W. The zinc alloy metallic body feels real solid . You can expect zero button rattle, and its finish is flawless. There’s been a bit of controversy regarding paint job quality on the AL85, with some folks saying that it chips off too easily. To be fair, I’ve had mine a little more than a year now an...[Read More]

The Smok Alien 220W Kit Review

  This starter kit comes with virtually everything you will need to get started vaping with the product. The box contains one Smok Alien 220 mod device, a TFV8 Baby Tank, a USB cable that is used for firmware upgrades and charging purposes, a replacement tube (glass), some spare parts, and a user manual. The device has a V8 Baby Q2 Core with dual coils pre-installed, and the package provides an ad...[Read More]

Review of Grape Pixy by Cheap eJuice

Cheap eJuice has been making waves in the vaping industry for four years now. The company has been producing premium e-liquids that are perfect for vaping all day. Their products can be checked out online and the company is located in Costa Mesa, California. The Grape Pixy e-juice is one of the company’s best products. It has the real flavor of grape Pixy candy. This taste is one that you ar...[Read More]

Review of LMC 200W TC Box Mod by Limitless

        Overview Interchangeable plates are featured in the Limitless LMC 200W. This mod has a very sleek design and it has been made with superb performance capability. You will get a very attractive and fashionable mod with this product. Specifications This device is loaded with a  510 thread. It is 93mm by 58mm by 25mm in size and has a resistance range between 0.08ohm to 5o...[Read More]

Review of Humble Juice’s American Dream E-Liquid

There are many sweet e-liquids with cereal flavor on the market but not many of them are as good as American Dream. This e-liquid from Humble Juice Co. stands out for many reasons. It tastes like Rice Krispies with rich Fruity Pebbles flavor. This is the perfect e-liquid for any vaper who likes sweet blends. Cost American Dream does not only taste good, but it also has an affordable price tag. You...[Read More]

Review of Prepaid E-Juice by Broke Dick

Did you ever experience that you are in a dilemma on what e-juice to choose? You have several requirements in getting the right e-juice for your vape. This certain confusion may just be answered by Broke Dick. Its Prepaid e-juice gives you all that you need. Broke Dick’s residence is at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL. Flavor Description Prepaid e-juice by Broke Dick gives you a fruitful taste of waterm...[Read More]

Limitless Mod Co. Arms Race 200W TC Box Mod Review

This mod from Limitless Mod Company was inspired by the form of AR-15 rifles. If you love guns, then you will like this mod. Also, if you want a mod that will turn heads in public, look no further. The Arms Race 200W provides more than enough power for you to enjoy your favorite e-juice brands like never before. The Limitless Arms Race 200W mod is made of zinc alloy and feels quite durable. You wi...[Read More]

Kilo E Liquid White Series- White Chocolate Strawberry Review

Specifications   Nicotine level  0mg  3mg  6mg Bottle size  60 ml VG/PG  70/30 Price  $ 24 .99 Packaging  3 Stars The E-liquid comes in an elegant white outer packaging with a black flip top box.  It sports a porcelain white medicine dropper-type bottle giving it a clean polished look. The packaging is really attractive to the eyes; with the product’s white frosted glass container and s...[Read More]

Cigavette E-Cigarette Review

  Cigavette is a company that recently came into my radar when the owner introduced himself via email and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. I hadn’t heard of the company previously, but when I tried the Cuban disposable e-cigar, I was impressed. The Cuban had some nice vapor production and a taste that strongly resembled pipe tobacco. After hundreds of ...[Read More]

Review Glacialis Menta by Cloud Alchemist

Product  Glacialis Menta Meaning  Glaciālis (neuter glaciāle)  Icy  Frozen  Glacial Menta (plural menták)  Mint Peppermint  Spearmint Flavor Note  Frosty spearmint, fresh peppermint, silky vanilla, and delicate cream blended for velvety clouds. Available Options and Specifications Size   10ml  30ml  120ml Nicotine Level    0mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg PG/VG Ratio   20pg/80vg  50pg/50vg   Revi...[Read More]

30 Undeniable Truths about Vaping

Theres a pretty good chance that after you start vaping you will encounter most if not all of the following.  Heres 30 undeniable truths about becoming a vaper. 1. If Display cases had cameras to record the first time you enter a B&M 2. Fear not. You’ll eventually find “the one”.  The perfect juice. 3. But someday, when you least expect it, you will run out of that perfect juice 4. It doesnt t...[Read More]

Topping off Cartomizers: Advanced Techniques

  Fill a Cartomizer the Easy Way A lot of people love the CE2 tank-and-wick cartomizers like Volcano’s new Magma Clearomizer. They hold plenty of liquid and produce a significant amount of vapor, even with small cigarette-shaped batteries. One thing that keeps me from using these cartomizers more often, though, is the fact that I hate filling them. Volcano’s cartomizer refill kit is a plastic...[Read More]

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