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Guide to Vape Oil Extraction for Beginners

Once you’ve ended up reading this article then you are probably one of the millions of vapers who want to know how to make vape oil from scratch. Although this guide is not an ill inclusive definitive guide to making vape oil, the intention is to get you started with the making of vape oil by explaining to you how cannabis vape oil extraction can be done safely yet easily. Although might not be as...[Read More]

How to Clean Your atomizer?

“How do I clean my atomizer?” This might just be the most asked question by new e-cig users. Do a search on Google for it and you will discover that there are all kinds of crazy things people are trying – all in an effort to get their atomizers to perform optimally for a longer period of time. If you add up all of the various things that need to be periodically replaced on an e-cig – batteri...[Read More]

A Newbie’s Guide to Vaping

E-cigarettes or vape pen is the newest gadget on the market for smokers. It is very good news for the non-smokers as well. Settle in with a good hot cup of coffee and learn about the vaping that is taking the world by storm. Begin by learning what vaping is and how it works. You’ll also learn that the term smoking is replaced by vaping. The reason for this is because the smoker is not inhali...[Read More]

How to find the cheap vaporizers for sale

Are you looking for cheap vaporizers for sale? My guess is if you’re reading this then you are. It’s easy to concede that best and cheap do not appear often in the same sentence. But that’s not always true is it? There are times when we’ve gotten expensive products that suck and low-priced products that gets us into the “money-well-spent” cheerful mood. The thing is, cheap does not have to mean un...[Read More]

How to Rebuild Atomizers

An e-cigarette atomizer using the coil (heating unit) because. An atomizer generally contain a little heating unit accountable for vaporizing e-liquid, in addition to a wicking material that pulls liquid in. Together with battery power, the atomizer is a vital element of every personal vape. The main difference in atomizers from device to device, may lead to variations with what elements and just ...[Read More]

How to Choose The Best Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are the most recent alternative to mobile smoking. These portable, pocket or wallet vaporizers, as they call it, fits perfectly in a pocket which makes it easy to carry around with you when you want to vape.

How to Clean Halo Triton

Cleaning e-liquid out of a Halo mini tank, or a Triton tank is simple. You’ll see YouTube videos of e-cigarette users demonstrating their method of cleaning their tanks, but in a manner where they are actually intimidating people in the process. These things aren’t that fragile. Don’t worry. The cleaning process isn’t as difficult or fragile as some may make it out to be. In just a few steps, you ...[Read More]

How to Unboxing Vaporfi pro

To the people who are looking for something like the Pro Starter Kit Vaporizer, the Vaporfi Pro Starter Kit Vaporizer seems to offer a very similar experience. 3 settings allow you to control the temperature that you desire but as you will see in this video, the only good temperature is a hot temperature on this one.

How the Media Has Turned Vaping into a Sin

I often reflect back to when I first started vaping almost 5 years ago. Strangers would come up to me and ask what it was I was doing. I would excitingly explain to them what an e-cigarette was and how it worked. I’d get questions such as, “Do you feel better now that you don’t smoke cigarettes?” “What’s the difference between smoking a real cigarette as opposed to that e-cigarette?” These are que...[Read More]

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