Francis Exeora

DIY Vape 101: The Chemistry Of A Vape Juice Recipe

It is now very obvious to vapers everywhere about the possibility of personalized vape experiences in the form of personalized vape juices. While commercial manufacturers strive to constantly come up with fresh ejuice profiles in an effort to make sure there is never a boring moment for any vaper, it is still obvious of the many spaces that DIY vape can and has begun to already fill. Afterall, eve...[Read More]

White Chocolate Mocha Ejuice by Barista Brew Co. Review

One e-juice that always leaves me speechless is White Chocolate Mocha by Barista Brew Co. Let’s get on to the most interesting parts! White Chocolate Mocha by Barista Brew Co. is a unique blend of mocha espresso with creamy milk and mouth-watering white chocolate flavor. It’s a dessert flavor of excellence that turns your insides up all day round. As easy as it seems to describe the flavor by its ...[Read More]

Beginners Guide to DIY Vaping

DIY Vaping is not as difficult as you may think. On the contrary, if you decide to do this once in a while, you will find that DIY Vaping can be more advantageous and considerable simpler. If you are just being introduced to the vape industry, there is nothing wrong in skipping a few steps and getting right down to Doing It Yourself. Probably you have been vaping for a while and thought “How can I...[Read More]

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