Aspire Premium Starter Kit Review

Aspire Premium Starter Kit Review
The Aspire Premium Starter Kit is a beautifully designed vape pen. Although it is a simple vape pen, it supports adjustable wattage and ceramic wicking which gives you a cleaner vaping experience. If you are looking to get into vaping, this is the kind of vaping setup that you need. For experienced vapers, this could be used when you are on the road.
The Aspire Premium Kit is composed of the Aspire CF VV+ battery and the Nautilus Mini. The kit looks sleek and has excellent functionality. The dimensions of this device are 178mm by 17.4mm. At 333.5g, this device is a bit heavier than other vape pens out there. The Aspire Premium Kit is made of stainless steel and glass.
The battery section of this vaping setup has a  carbon fiber coating. There is a spring-loaded 510 connector on top of the battery with stainless steel threading for attaching the tank.
The kit comes with a built in lithium battery with a capacity of 1000mAh. At the base of the battery, there is a round knob that you can turn to change the wattage that you are vaping. The voltage range of this device is 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts.
On the top side of the battery, you will find a metal firing button. This is the only button on the device and it is very comfortable to click. There is a light around the button that flashes when you turn the device on. When you press the firing button to take a hit, a blue light will show. When the light changes to orange, it means you need to recharge the battery. The package includes a USB charger with a wall adapter that needs to be attached to the 510 connector. This device does not support pass-through, but it is impossible anyway since the charger is attached to the 510 connector. It takes about two hours for the battery of this device to go from empty to fully charged.
The battery life of this device does not disappoint considering that it has a capacity of only 1000mAh. Obviously, when you are vaping at a high voltage, the battery life will not last as long as when you’re vaping at a lower voltage.
The Nautilus Mini is one of the best tanks from Aspire. It produces remarkable flavor. It’s design was considered revolutionary at the time it was released. This tank can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid which is quite impressive considering its relatively small size. The Nautilus Mini comes with a stainless steel drip tip which is removable.
At the base section of the tank, there are two 1mm wide air holes that allow you control your vaping experience. The tank has a restrictive draw that will suit those who are moving from smoking cigarettes to vaping. By adjusting the air flow of this tank, you can control the tightness of the draw as well as the warmth, flavor, and the size of the clouds you get. You will not get massive clouds from vaping on the Aspire Premium Kit, but that is not what it was designed for anyway.
One of the most distinguishing features of this vape setup is that it comes with bottom vertical coils (BVC) and ceramic wicking. With ceramic coils, the wicks are always well saturated so you get a rich flavor from each hit. These coil heads also last longer. The package includes six 1.8 ohms BVC coil heads. It is very simple to change the coil heads on this device.
The Aspire Premium Starter Kit costs about $54.95 on Vape Fu.

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