A Newbie’s Guide to Vaping

A Newbie’s Guide to Vaping

E-cigarettes or vape pen is the newest gadget on the market for smokers. It is very good news for the non-smokers as well. Settle in with a good hot cup of coffee and learn about the vaping that is taking the world by storm.

Begin by learning what vaping is and how it works. You’ll also learn that the term smoking is replaced by vaping. The reason for this is because the smoker is not inhaling smoke, they are inhaling vapor instead.

The more you read, the more you will learn how healthy vaping with e-cigarettes are compared to smoking regular cigarettes.


The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is the newest gadget marketed to appeal to lovers of cigarettes, cigars or pipes. It runs on batteries and provides the smoker with doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution.

The vapor as well gives the person a natural sensation and a taste like that of inhaled tobacco smoke. Nonetheless, there is literally no smoke or tobacco.

The e-cigarette, which was designed in China, is offered in quite a few models, each one with a number of variations. Most products have been purposely designed to look like a true cigarette, cigar or pipe. A comparatively ordinary design looks like a ballpoint pen. Regardless of the individual style, each product has a mouthpiece, heating element, rechargeable battery and a number of electronic circuits. After you use up the nicotine in the e-cigarette, you buy a replacement cartridge.

When a smoker inhales using the product, a sensor detects air flow. This, in turn, kicks on a heating element to vaporize a nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece. This is the vapor the user inhales. The opposite end of the product contains a LED that activates every time a person inhales. It shows the e-cigarette is in use and also gives off an orange glow reminiscent of that of burning tobacco.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power the heating element of most electronic smoking devices. A variety of chargers is available, including wall outlet, car, and USB. The battery normally is the biggest component of the product. The liquid nicotine solution used in electronic cigarettes varies as to flavor and concentration. High-end doses are marketed to mimic the content in regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as a healthier choice to smoking tobacco. Their producers state that nearly all of the harmful content that’s the side-effect of tobacco combustion is not present in the electronic clones. The products are sold as a way to reduce an addiction to nicotine.

Scientists at the American Legacy Foundation in Washington, DC, are now studying the e-cigarette. The group is considered by many in the nation’s capital to be one of the country’s most important and well-funded tobacco-fighting organizations. It was founded using the profits from the huge U.S. tobacco settlement of 1998.

The current rise in Federal taxes on cigarettes might trigger some smokers to consider e-cigarettes. The starter kit for one brand, which includes batteries, a charger, and four cartridges, sells for $59.00 and up. Subsequent to the first investment, the price works out to about $2.50 per pack. This contrasts with $5.00 to $9.00 per pack of real cigarettes, depending on the brand and sales location.


One of the main concerns of vaping is safety. I take safety seriously because I don’t want any of the people in the vape community or myself to get injured seriously. It can happen but there are many ways to prevent these situations from happening.


When you want to get those clouds and do the sub-ohm building, you want to invest in a few things to start with.

  • Ohmmeter – An sub-ohm tank will measure the electrical resistance of your build and an example of how it would be shown is – 1.20 Ω (or ohms.) It also will be able to tell you if you have a short on your atomizer, which is dangerous and can release tons of volts out of your battery, which is getting to my next section.

  • Batteries – When sub-ohming you want to get batteries that will be safe below or equal to what your build is. The safest batteries around the Sony VTC4’s. Another great alternative is MNKE IMR batteries. There are more alternatives but these are some of the safest batteries on the market as of right now.


When rebuilding your atomizer, you will need some tools. However, not many!

Tools that starter kits include

  • A torch – A torch is not totally required as you oxidize it when it”s on your atty, However, it helps and makes the wireless springy when wrapping.

  • Screwdrivers –I find that using the 1mm flathead to tuck my cotton under the coil easier than anything else I’ve tried.

  • Tweezers – Primarily the tweezers are used to pinch your coils together.

  • Nail Clippers – This was odd when I first heard it but I have never looked back when I started using them! I find these the simplest tool to get up close to your post holes and clip your wire.

  • 5/64 Drill Bit – I use this drill bit for my micro coils and find that is an ideal size. Not too big and not too small.


Have you ever wondered just what’s in that amazing flavored and tasty e-juice you are vaping daily? Here at juicedeals.net, we take pride in suggesting only premium brand flavors maximize your vaping enjoyment. From the base and nicotine to the flavoring, e-liquid is a complex mixture of combined ingredients. A lot of the information you may or may not know, but when you dive into it and understand how your vape juice came about, there is more of an enjoyment factor.

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Are They Healthy?

Since e-cigarettes are still very new on the market, there hasn’t been enough research to determine whether or not they are indeed healthy. At this point, since there is no conclusive evidence stating that they are or are not healthy, I cannot assume either way nor will I put my reputation on the line by saying one way or the other.

As new information is received about the new e-cigarette wave, I will certainly add any new developments and statistics.

However, in my own personal opinion, from what I already know about e-cigarettes, they are no worse than regular cigarettes. Most of the ingredients used in regular cigarettes are eliminated in electronic cigarettes. Now, honestly, that has to be a better thing, wouldn’t you agree? There are far worse things people are addicted to (alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other potent drugs) and it is really nice to see that someone is out there trying to make at least one habit-forming addiction healthier for those who have the addiction to cigarettes and for those who have to be around people who are addicted to cigarettes.

So, please don’t be too quick to judge this product until all conclusive evidence has been produced. In the end, this may end up being the best product for all of us, smokers and non-smokers alike.

I hope this has helped you all start your vaping days and kick the nasty cigarettes! Let me know how it goes, and if you have any neat tricks or tips, post them in the comments and me”ll add them in!

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