510 ecig

510 ecig

If you are thinking about trying an electronic cigarette for the first you no doubt have found that finding the right electronic cigarette for you is going to take a lot of careful searching. It seems like almost every review offers a little information on this product or that but none of them combine all the information about any one ecig in one convenient place. The 510 ecig is one of the most recommended electronic cigarettes today making it worth taking a look at this electronic cigarette.

The 510 ecig is being referred to as globally the best ecigarette. It is made by Joyce tech industries and some of its special features include:


Unlike some ecigarettes where you either purchase a filled cartridge or refillable cartridges the 510 allows you to buy whichever kind of cartridge your prefer. Which means you can order an already filled cartridge and be saved the worry of keeping track of when to order the ejuice or liquid or you can get the refillable cartridges and have a choice of ordering what ever kind of ejuice you would like and changing the flavor of your cigarette whenever you choose.

Manual switch

The 510 comes with a manual switch that allows you to inhale as long as you like without the battery shutting down. For people who want large bursts of nicotine all at once this is a unique feature that allows them to get as big a shot of nicotine as they would like as often as they would like.

Starter Kit

The starter kit for the 510 ecig is somewhat different than most starter kits as it comes with the parts for two complete ecigs. The kit contains 2 atomizers, 2 rechargeable batteries with a built in manual switch, 1 wall mounted battery recharger, and 5 prefilled cartridges You also have your choice of either a blue or orange LED tip or you can special order a purple tip. These ecigs are lightweight. The cost of a 510 starter kit runs between $55.00 and $65.00 dollars depending on where they are purchased.

If you choose to purchase refillable cartridges you can get some interesting flavors in ejuice especially made for the 510 ecig, such as banana, blueberry, grape, peanut butter, watermelon, cappuccino, and caramel as well as the regular tobacco flavors and menthol.

Colors of 510 ecigs

While the cigarette part of the ecig doesn’t come in every color in the rainbow it certainly comes close as you can order these ecigarettes in such colors as red, purple, blue, pink, and copper. For those of you with money to burn and who want to make a real fashion statement you can conceivably match the color of ecigarette to your outfit for the day.

Reviews for the 510 ecigs are excellent with most users stating emphatically that they like this product. However, these ecigs look more like pens than actual cigarettes so if are looking for an ecig that closely resembles a real cigarette you might experience some disappointment with this product.


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