30 Undeniable Truths about Vaping

Theres a pretty good chance that after you start vaping you will encounter most if not all of the following.  Heres 30 undeniable truths about becoming a vaper.

1. If Display cases had cameras to record the first time you enter a B&M

2. Fear not. You’ll eventually find “the one”.  The perfect juice.

3. But someday, when you least expect it, you will run out of that perfect juice

4. It doesnt take long before mail delivery brings out your crazy side, and the mail man becomes your best friend.

5. Or your worst enemy when there are no packages

6. No one seems to know why your &^%$# package is late.

7. You’ll feel awesomely smart when vaping lingo finally clicks

8. You overreact a little when someone trash talks your favorite juice brand.

9. You’ll eventually try to make a mod out of something weird.

10. You’ll get REALLY excited when your favorite juice maker holds a giveaway

11. Or when they release a new flavor

12. No matter how hard you try, or how cool your mod is, it’s nearly impossible to look cool while vaping.

13. But that’s ok, because smokers will suddenly view cigarettes in a new light.


14. Unfortunately,  you may still have that occasional super-nova class cigarette craving that comes on like a mother^&%$#

15. You’ll get stuck waiting for batteries to charge and be without your vape.

16. Your first rebuildable doesnt quite go as planned

17. But then you’ll create an epic cloud producing setup.

18. And you’ll come up with a totally original name for your beast of a mod.

19. In fact, you wont be able to st p and your significant other will ask you why you need to have so many mods.


20. At some point you may find yourself in a debate about FDA regulations and how “ecigarettes aren’t safe” with someone who doesnt have all the facts.

21. And you’ll probably get stuck talking to someone who thinks they know it all and you know nothing.

22. Your significant other will snatch the tank containing the last few ml of your favorite juice.

23. To ensure you can vape where ever you like, youll undergo professional training for stealth vaping.

24. But despite all youve learned, you’ll still sit down with your PV in your pocket and break the ^%$# thing.

25. One day, sometime soon, you’ll get vaper tongue

26. You’ll ask your local B&M to start carrying your favorite juice so they do

27. You’ll eventually leave your comfort zone to try crazy new flavors, like crab juice.

28. Youll suddenly discover what the variable settings do using the power button on your PV.

29. And at some point, you’ll decide to try your hand at making your first best vape juice DIY.

30. After a few failed attempts, you nail it and everyone loves it.



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